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Namaste and welcome to the 200 hour online E- Learning” Yoga and Ayurveda counselor certification program. The online and correspondence format allows the student the opportunity to study on an individual basis at their own pace and from their own computer. Become a counselor and help others


Registration Fee: $150
Deposit: $500 or $1000 options
Single Module Cost: $1750
Total Program Cost: $5400 (Includes registration fee & 3 modules)

Location: Pine, Arizona (Just near the Sedona, AZ basin)
Date: April 16th - 24th 2018

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Welcome to the original Yoga and Ayurveda program that unites both sciences into an authentic teaching approach and lifestyle-training course. This program uniquely teaches you how Yoga and Ayurveda are practiced together to create the perfect balance of practical wisdom and spirituality. If you


An integral Ayurvedic counseling program for yoga teachers, healers and lifestyle enthusiast.

Registration Fee: $195
Deposit: $500 or $1000 Options
Total Program Cost: $3575 (Does not include cost for the optional India 15-day intensive.)

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