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Mas Vidal Vedic Counselor

Integrative Ayurvedic medical counseling has been the cornerstone of Mas Vidal's work for over 20 years. His international clientele has benefited from the most progressive and insightful integration of Ayurvedic wisdom for effective and holistic healing through Ayurveda and its sister sciences (yoga & vedic astrology). Mas has many years of experience in clinical detoxification therapies (Pancha Karma), diet, herbology, gynecology, skin issues, weight loss, immunity as well as an extensive background in meditation, Hatha yoga-therapy, and sports medicine. Each session is essentially a complete Ayurvedic assessment that focuses on the determination of the person's body-mind constitution (dosha) and addresses any major imbalances a person may be challenged with. Sessions also include a review of the astrological birth (natal) chart with emphasis on the medical (health) indicators to alleviate discomforting symptoms and identify the causes of the doshas. Consultations with Mas are highly recommended especially if you are interested in doing the Detox Program (pancha karma). These sessions are also important for yoga teachers needing support with lifestyle balance and for refining their spiritual practices (sadhana).

Choose Your Focus

Clients can either choose to focus their counseling sessions on Ayurveda and health-related matters, which will always include astrological factors or a person can choose to focus more on spiritual evolution and alignment with their dharma or life purpose. Sessions can also cover both topics, however, this will require more than one session. Often times because a person is not working in a field or sector that aligns with their karma it will create fragmentation between the mind-body relationship, thus creating health issues and a lack of happiness. Regardless of your focus, the principles of yoga, ayurveda, and Vedic astrology will be integrative in a seamless manner to promote success in your life.

The Astrological Factor

Vedic astrology is an insightful method of understanding the unseen karmic influences in a person's life. Proper analysis of the birth chart can provide answers to often mysterious diseases and complicated health issues. In each session, Mas will analyze the birth chart, look at the placement of nine planets and decipher the influences they have on the client's health and ultimately determine whether the person is in alignment with their dharma (life purpose), a crucial factor of health, happiness and spiritual evolution. Mas always explores the chart to discover a person's spiritual potential, encouraging them to adhere to life's highest ideal of self-realization. Such things as mantras, breathing techniques, and customized lessons in meditation are given to promote living a spiritual life. Ayurveda provides an array of remedial measures to counterbalance the effects of negative karma in the birth chart and for restoring overall balance.


Common Consultation Questions

Choose from Five Consultation Options

In-person, consultations are usually offered in the southern California area of Encinitas-San Diego or Miami, Florida. The majority of sessions are offered via Zoom but not all. In-person, sessions are available depending on the individual case and his personal schedule. Note: Booking a consultation can take 1 - 2 weeks depending on Mas Vidal's availability which varies from month to month. Scheduling follow-ups can also vary from 2-4 weeks depending on his availability and travel schedule. 

Premium Counseling Package: $1,495

This package is for those needing attention for more chronic conditions health issues related to arthritis, cancer, diabetes, weight loss, toxicity, and genetic factors, and those interested in working more closely with Mas to learn how to prevent health issues. This package provides products for 90 days based on Mas's recommendations. It's an all-inclusive package that covers it all!


  • A. One Comprehensive Medical Consultation plus two follow-ups.
  • B. Audio-Video Recording of each session.
  • C. Detox & Restoration Program Package and Support
  • D. MoreLife Market Products for 90 days.

  • E. Consultation Booklet and Reading material
  • F. Astrological review of the birth chart, major planetary cycles, moon factors, and transits.
    *Each consultation is about 60-75 minutes.



Includes a complete assessment and determination of the client's mind-body type, dietetic analysis, recommendations of body oils and herbal medicines, yoga therapy and wellness and lifestyle support, a basic review of the astrological birth chart, includes birth chart print-out, dosha lifestyle booklet, and recommendations for specialized detox or restoration programs. Clients are encouraged to ask specific questions to increase their knowledge on how to best integrate the wisdom of Ayurveda to promote living an evolutionary lifestyle. *Note: For those wanting a focused astrological birth chart reading please choose this payment option and email your birth data (exact time, date, city, country) to and Mas or his assistant will respond to schedule your Zoom appointment. *Consultations or astrology readings are about 60-75 minutes.



This session includes the same factors as listed above in the comprehensive consultation in addition to a much more detailed examination of the medical health factors presented in the astrological birth chart. Mas Vidal integrates years of clinical application of Ayurvedic astrology to create a detailed program to address the causes of health issues while also treating the symptoms of each disorder. This consultation is recommended for individuals diagnosed with chronic diseases or those who may have a genetic disposition for certain health issues that they want to prevent. *Each consultation is about 60 minutes.


THREE-SESSION SERIES (three counseling sessions): $525

This series is for anyone seeking deeper counseling support from an educational perspective or for those needing to address chronic medical issues. The first consultation focuses on understanding the client's case history and providing initial practices to begin addressing the client's goals. Follow-up consultations focus on deepening the process that was established in the first session and taking various health or spiritual principles further with more detailed work on the psychology and the mental conditions that may be impairing a person from attaining health and wellness as well as overcoming karmic patterns related to healing and evolution. *Each consultation is about 60-75 minutes. Note: All three sessions need to be scheduled within a three-month (90 day) period. Typically, Mas recommends scheduling one session per month. 



This comprehensive consultation is provided for any student enrolled in the Dancing Shiva programs (50 Hour, 200, or 600 Hour) Hour or any student who is currently enrolled at any university. This consultation includes determination of the constitution (prakriti) and any imbalances (vikriti), dietetics, recommendations of herbs and body oils, and a review of the astrological birth chart to determine the rising, moon, and sun signs. Students can ask questions and get advice on what is their best direction of study according to the students' dharma or higher purpose. In most cases, new students begin with our 50 or 200-hour programs and then go on to more advanced study in our 300 or 600-hour courses. *Each consultation is about 60-75 minutes.


Note: It is very important to understand that a person cannot expect to achieve healing and much less learn how Ayurveda works in one session. Therefore we strongly recommend that you consider a 3-session series or the premium package, especially if you are interested in achieving good results over your health needs and overcoming bad health habits that have a long history. Ayurveda works but it takes commitment, concentration, and consistency.

Complete the Consultation Form to Schedule your session with Mas
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*Once the consultation form is completed and submitted you will receive an email from Mas Vidal's office to schedule your session. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours you can email us at

Payment Policy

Pre-payment is required for all consultations with Mas Vidal. There is a 24 Hour cancellation policy or full payment will be charged. If an appointment has to be rescheduled there will be no extra fee. Late cancellation fees are also waived under certain emergency circumstances.


This was the first holiday season that I didn’t have some type of breakdown in my body from either stress or physical ailments. The only way to learn this it seems is through action and living it. I am so pleased to tell you that I have had three menstrual cycles in a row now. Each of them gets easier every time. I just can’t get over the flow of my body in this way, as it has been such an issue for me. And I thank you because you are truly the only person that could convince me to come off of the birth control pill.

Devra from Solana Beach, Ca

Thank you immensely for the guidance you have shared, I truly mean it when I say that was the first time I had felt at peace and hopeful in about 2 months. I have begun the spiritual practices (Sadhana) you recommended and spent the past 3 days in deep reflection on what my personal image of God may be? I have also been practicing mantras. Swami Jyotirmayananda's Bhagavad Gita is living in the passenger seat of my car, where I am reading a few verses each day before I drive, which is my reminder to be brave as I go out into the world. I have begun reading your book The Evolution Revolution and wrote out the adapted Personal Primers for Success in Evolutionary Living and have them displayed on my wall. I feel endless gratitude & love for everything you have and continue to illuminate in my soul.

Caroline from La Jolla, Ca

I met Mas when my hormones were shifting through peri-menopause. He guided me with my Hatha-yoga practice to calm the fire, with some ayurvedic herbal support and changes to my diet to establish more balance with my doshas. It took many months and patience and eventually the fire was calmer inside my body. I would say, that it saved me from burning up inside. Thank you Mas for your devotion and knowledge. I have my life back!

Catherine Wasa, BC, Canada

I wanted to express gratitude to you for all of your help and guidance over the past few years. Your presence in my life has been such a blessing. Over the years, I have developed an even deeper relationship with Yogananda through steady meditation practice and learning stillness. And now I have been gifted the opportunity to fulfill one of my greatest dreams of working and serving others in Ayurveda. I am beyond grateful for you and all of the blessings your presence has brought into my life.

Danica from Los Angeles, California

After reading your book, The Sacred Relationship of Yoga and Ayurveda I was ready to learn more. I met you for an Astrology Ayurveda Consultation last March 2017. What I have learned is life-altering. Thru additional consultations and the suggestions you have given me, I am able to link this material altogether. It gives me a gateway into a deeper understanding of my health and lifestyle on so many levels. I appreciate the ease I feel when I talk to you and the calmness and presence you bring to the conversation.

Belle from Connecticut

Do not hesitate to work with Mas in creating a healing program for yourself on all levels--physical, emotional, and spiritual—through Yoga, Ayurveda, and/or Jyotish. His depth of knowledge, wisdom, and compassion will support and transform you as he leads you gently through the process. I have worked with Mas several times over the last couple of years with protocols created specifically for my issues. The results have been remarkable. In addition, you will find his Yoga DVDs and book, Sun, Moon, and Earth, extremely useful. Thank you, Mas, for bringing me back to a joyful balance!

Janis from Phoenix, Arizona

Mas Vidal was able to help me when no one else could. After going from doctor to doctor for months and running myriad tests, I was still suffering from constant burning in my feet and hands. I was becoming more and more desperate thinking that I can not live a normal life. He helped me with his calm, confident, compassionate, and very receptive attitude and guidance which included Jyotish analysis, he gave me insights into what the causes may be and provided a very precise protocol, which I followed. Within 3 months things turned around, and I was back to my normal life. He went the extra step and provided me with herbal treatment to maintain the calmness in my body. I am so very grateful and would definitely recommend Dr. Mas.

Abhi Irina from Los Angeles, Ca

I took Mas's suggestions home with me on things I needed to change in my life and to this day I incorporate all of them into my daily routine. It made a shift in how I approach my yoga practice and also had a major shift in my mental state. Through astrological readings for my entire family, he has been there to guide us and offer me insight and full support, I trust him, he has incredible wisdom and knowledge and he's extremely humble. He speaks to you in a way that you can comprehend and understand and makes you feel so comfortable in his presence.

Denise from Scottsdale, Arizona

One of the first things I did after my initial consultation with Mas Vidal was a 10-day Pancha Karma (detox) at Dancing Shiva Yoga and Ayurveda. I had done so many other cleanses before and was brand new to Ayurveda.I can honestly say that my experience of Pancha Karma made me a believer in the power of this way of healing from the first moment. The nourishment in the treatments, the grounding food, and the depth of healing in my tissues, my soul, and my emotions was unsurpassed in any of my other healing experiences before then, or since. I am forever grateful to have had this experience and to have begun my journey into Ayurveda in such a meaningful way.

Karin LCSW, SEP, a Somatic Psychotherapist in Los Angeles, Ca

In April 2013 I was extremely physically sick; at the time Saturn was transiting Libra ruled by the planet/Graha Venus and transiting my Lagna with Rahu. I was experiencing digestive problems and lower back pain. One day in June 2013, I found Mas Vidal on Youtube talking about Ayurveda health and Vedic principles on KRS Channel. At the time, I had been studying Jyotish on my own. I am super grateful for Mas Vidal, due to the fact that I had never heard of Ayurveda principles before. After watching and listening to Mas speak, I took several notes and started to study Ayurveda on my own reading all that I possibly could. I radically changed my life choices including food intake choices in June 2013; I started to take my current life situation and the planet transits seriously at that point. Now today, I am a certified Level 1 sidereal Vedic astrologer, I am enrolled in Ayurveda School for the fall of 2017 and enrolled in yoga classes at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram. I have transformed to a higher state of consciousness since May of 2013 and back then I could not see or understand hope for my life. I faced my dark fears with sattwic faith and hope. Words can not express how deeply grateful I am for wise teachers like Mas Vidal who take time out from their busy daily lives to help others like me to have the opportunity for a better way of a life with internal peace.

Linette from San Jose, California

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