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The majority of my writing ideas are developed through a daily meditation practice. When my mind becomes still through the methods of Kriya Yoga meditation, insights are obtained on how to explain a particular concept or principle and weave it into an interesting narrative that combines both historical and personal experiences. In writing Sun, Moon, and Earth and the Evolution Revolution I specifically relied on the teachings of the gurus of my lineages. My writing process is always linked to the guru's energy and the heartfelt connection I have to their unique approach to understanding the nature of the world and the purpose of life.

Authored Books

Sun, Moon & Earth: The Sacred Relationship of Yoga & Ayurveda

Sun, Moon, & Earth BookSun, Moon and Earth tells the story of the “twin sciences” of yoga and Ayurveda. Weaving in the author’s long professional and personal experience as a yoga teacher and Ayurveda practitioner, it explores how these traditions can be integrated into our lives as a practical means for balanced living and spiritual evolution. It is written for the growing audience of hatha yogis interested both in asana or postural yoga and a more conscious, Ayurvedic lifestyle.

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The Evolution Revolution Book CoverThe Evolution Revolution: Yoga, Ayurveda and The Rise of the Soft Power Culture

Evolution Revolution presents a grand vision for overcoming the complexities of the modern lifestyle and the afflictions of the current mindset. Mas Vidal recognizes that universal wisdom, a conscious living culture, is emerging globally as part of the renaissance of Vedic India, the Motherland of ancient wisdom traditions.

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