250 Hour Yoga and Ayurveda Training

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery through the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Dancing Shiva's hallmark program is rooted in decades of study, research and practice of these two profound systems as taught according to India's spiritual lineages born of the Vedic era.

These comprehensive teachings integrate both Hatha Yoga (Tantra) and Raja Yoga with Ayurveda. As a student, you'll embark on a personal journey of transformation and alignment, witnessing the true nature and essential wisdom that governs all living things.

250-hour Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training Program

This comprehensive program is more than a teacher training certification, it is for empowered individuals who embody the yogic principles of leading by example and serving humanity with unwavering authenticity.

Take your Yoga practice to the next level.

Are you seeking an integral program that teaches more than simple Yoga poses? Do you yearn to:

  • Awaken your inner teacher: Authenically live by the Yogic philosophies that inspire positive change through your actions.
  • Embrace your dharma: Align your life with your unique dharma and purpose by serving humanity with unwavering devotion.
  • Embody holistic wellness: Unify the diverse practices of Yoga and Ayurveda into your postural practice, pranayam, mantras, and meditation.
  • Cultivate Mental resilience: Build mental strength and spiritual fortitude to navigate life with grace.

Why take Dancing Shiva's comprehensive 250-hour Yoga and Ayurveda certification program?

  • Experiential Learning: Immerse yourself in daily Yoga practice, philosophy, wisdom lectures, and meditation that solidify your knowledge.
  • Teaching Expertise: Learn to teach an integral approach to yoga that incorporates breath, mantra, meditation, and Ayurveda.
  • Ancient Wisdom: Ground your practice in an lineage of enlightened masters, accessing timeless knowledge.
  • Empowered Guidance: Offer support on Ayurvedic diet, herbs, lifestyle, and yoga integration.
  • Tri-Doshic Wisdom: Discover the wisdom of the doshas and know how to tailor a Yoga practice for optimal results.
  • Holistic Education: Learn about integrating yoga asana with Ayurvedic principles for deep mind-body understanding.
  • Global Expertise: Register with respected third party organizations, like Yoga Alliance.
  • MA or PhD - Further your study with an advanced degree at Ubiquity University. All graduates of the 250 Hour or the 600 Hour program will be qualified for furthering their degree with Ubiquity.

The program is offered on an annual basis in southern California and other affiliate locations in USA, Mexico, and Asia.

Are you ready to begin your Yoga and Ayurveda journey?


Please complete our registation form to receive: The course catalog with detailed curriculum, plus our program coordinator will be available for questions.

Students who have enrolled in or completed the 250 hour Yoga and Ayurveda Certification will be eligible for graduate degrees in Yoga and Ayurveda. Learn more about our Graduate Program.

Immerse Yourself in the essence of a universal intelligence
that pervades all living things.

250 Hour Program Structure

Immerse yourself in a unique and in-depth learning experience that goes beyond theory.

  • Modular Learning: There are Four 3-day modules, that blend lectures, practice, reflection, and exercises.
  • Choose your Location: San Diego, Miami, or Playa Troncones, Mexico.
  • Weekly Online Classes: Deepen your knowledge with live online sessions that teach Ayurveda's wisdom for personal mind-body care (*Tuesdays, 5-7 PM PST).
  • Comprehensive Wisdom and Reading Materials:
    • Dancing Shiva manual compiled by Mas Vidal
    • Mas Vidal's book "Sun, Moon and Earth"
    • Other wisdom-filled texts and guides by Yogananda and David Frawley
  • Practical Integration: Track your progress with mid-term and final (online) assessments and tests.
  • Personalized Sadhana: Reflect on your journey and deepen your understanding.

Are you ready to begin your Yoga and Ayurvedic journey?


Please complete our registation form to receive: The course catalog with detailed curriculum, plus our program coordinator will be available for questions.

Learn more about the Yoga and Ayurveda Graduate Programs.

Awaken, Transform, and Elevate

Uncover the Ancient Secrets of Ayurveda and Yoga

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