Maha Detox In India (Jan 2023)

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This all-inclusive program provides Mas Vidal's clients the opportunity to experience customized detoxification and restoration under his supervision and support team of healers.

The Maha Detox Ayurvedic Cleanse is ideal for individuals needing support in the removal of toxins as a result of lifestyle, stress, poor diet, and pollutants from urban dwellings as well as weight loss and for beautification.

Location: Pune, India
Dates: January 16 - 29th, 2023
Duration: 12 days of treatments (15 days total including travel to and from the facility, this will vary slightly depending on what part of the world you are traveling from?

Guests need to arrive into Mumbai on or before Sunday January 15th. Transportation will be provided only from Mumbai international airport or hotels in the airport district. In some cases guests choose to arrive 1 day earlier (Jan-14th, 2023) to allow adjustment to the time change. Hotel stay in Mumbai is not included as part of this Detoxification Program. Guests will be transported directly to the Ayurvedic center on Sunday, January 15th upon arrival to Mumbai.



• Comprehensive Health Analysis with Mas and a team of On-sight Ayurvedic practitioners (doctors).
• Astrological Chart Review with Mas Vidal includes important medical and lifestyle factors.
• Customized Vegetarian Diet - 2-3x's per day.
• Private Yoga & Fitness classes.
• Daily Ayurvedic Cleanse Treatments (Pancha Karma).
• Ayurvedic herbal supplements and special natural medicines.
• Meditation and relaxation classes.
• Wisdom lectures by Mas


• Private Cottage and bath. All rooms have one queen bed, a full private bathroom, including a desk, and a nice patio overlooking a natural setting and lake in the distance.
• Wifi

Airport/Travel Information

  • All guests should book flights to Shivaji-Mumbai International Airport.
  • Transportation from the airport is included to the centre and takes about 2.5 hours in duration. The taxi shuttle will go directly from Mumbai to the Eco-Village-Centre located at Ayurvedic Centre Off. Bharat Petrol Pump, Bhukum, Pune 412115

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Everything is included except airfare. Guests will experience private entertainment presenting various aspects of the Indic culture from music, dance, arts, and spiritual rituals to enhance the depth of the entire experience.


Booking conditions: All deposits are non-refundable and all payments for single persons or couples are non-refundable after October 31st 2022.

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