Restoration Program

A Custom 7-Day Rasayana Restoration Program

Ayurvedic oils and herbs

This customized Ayurvedic program is designed to restore the body from stress, fatigue caused by adrenal burnout, post-pregnancy, toxicity, and overexposure to the sunlight, and the elements. The program supports to restore systemic and hormonal balance, improve sleep, increase skin luster, nails and hair, increase energy and muscular strength, calm emotional triggers, and promote longevity.

The Rasayana program is ideal for individuals with excessive fire, imbalances of pitta dosha as caused by overexertion, stress, adrenal burnout, and the wearing effects of challenging life (karmic) periods. Such imbalances are also due to a multitude of factors such as oily or spicy diet, stressful work, toxic environment, extreme sports, negative effects of pregnancy on the body, over sun exposure or climate factor related to desert lifestyles that dry the body out, planetary periods and mental stress and worry.


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Program Details and Common Questions:

  • How do I get started? A comprehensive Ayurvedic Consultation is required that includes physical and mental examination and astrological birth chart review. Complete the history form. Once this is completed Mas or his administrative assistant will contact you via email to get you scheduled. Note: Consultations are charged separately.
  • Consultation timing? These sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes and availability can vary between 3-5 days to 2 weeks in advance depending on the time of year.
  • What does the Rasayana program specifically entail? It includes a comprehensive ayurvedic product package with foods, herbal supplements, and oils and custom guidelines and support created by Mas Vidal.
  • What does the restoration program include? This depends on the specifics of the persons conditions. In general, the program includes foods, food seasonings, herbal and natural supplements, oils for the body, hair oils, and some self-care products and tools to enhance and promote rasayana, (a Sanskrit term that means to restore the body’s tissues). It also includes a custom yoga therapy program designed for practice during the program and for long-term lifestyle enhancement, that combines postures, breathing exercises and special ishta mantras, audio meditations, and even gemstones.
  • What about support and questions that I may have? Clients receive responses to their questions directly from Mas or his ayurvedically trained assistants via email or phone if necessary and as you are doing your rejuvenation program. We usually respond to your queries within several hours at most.
  • Detailed and custom instructions are prepared with day to day explanations of the protocols, diet recipes, and other special exercises designed to support your restoration.
  • The Rasayana Restoration Program packet of materials is mailed directly to your home and the instructions are sent via email.



*Note: Consultation is not included and needs to be paid separately. Additional products may be recommended and may need to be purchased separately and will be determined during the consultation.

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