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Mas Vidal Prayer Mudra for Satsang

Weekly Satsanga with Mas Vidal

Join us weekly for a satsanga and explore how Vedic knowledge can be integrated into practical living. Mas will share wisdom stories from the epic scriptures of Vedanta combined with the profound knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Jyotish. All levels are welcome. Includes a short introductory period of guided meditation, mantras, and healing.

Time: 7:15 - 8:15pm Pacific Standard Time
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Dancing Shiva incense Vaastu Workshop

The Basic Principles of Vaastu

In this introductory course, you will learn about the benefits of Vastu from one of North America’s premier scholars, teachers and practitioners in the field. Michael Mastro will share with you his deep knowledge and understanding as an architect and spiritual devotee. Learn valuable information, applicable to your daily life.

  • The origins of this sacred Vedic knowledge
  • The relationship of Vaastu to Ayurveda, Jyotish astrology, and Feng Shui
  • How environmental stress influences our physiology, emotions and well-being
  • Various forms of environmental stress that impact us
  • Principles of Vaastu and its benefits in our daily lives
  • Vaastu lifestyle tips for improved health, career, finances and relationships
Meet Michael Mastro
Michael Mastro is North America’s leading expert of Vastu Shastra

Michael Mastro is North America’s leading expert of Vastu Shastra. For over 40 year, Michael has used Vastu for his clients worldwide to align their home and workspaces to optimize productivity, success and wellbeing. He designed and built the first Microsoft building and many buildings for The Boeing Company employing the principles of Vastu. Corporate clients include The World Bank, NASA, Oracle, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Amazon, Boeing and Intel.

Michael has been a teacher of yoga and meditation techniques since the early 1970’s. He has co-authored three award-winning books on Vastu: Altars of Power and Grace (Balanced Books Publishing), The Way of Vastu (Balanced Books Publishing), and Making Room for Mr. Right (Simon & Shuster/Atria).

Besides presenting Vastu at the United Nations, he has taught Vastu courses at the Chopra Center and Bastyr University. Michael presented Vastu on the Doctor Oz Show and co-authors articles on the Doctor Oz Expert site and on Michael was named one of the Top 100 Trailblazers in Yoga and Ayurveda in the World by Spirituality and Health Magazine.

Teacher: Michael Mastro
Date: Saturday, May 22nd
Time: 10:30am -12:15pm PDT includes Q & A
Cost: $28
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Past Events

Mas Vidal Yoga Pose Integral Yoga

Integral Approach to Ayurvedic Asana, Pranayama For Tridosha with Mas Vidal

In this special yoga practicum combined with lecture, you will learn how to link the five elements, dosha, koshas, chakras, and the tissue system of Ayurveda. We will explore the basic foundations of tridosha and postural yoga as per Hatha or Tantra Yoga. Learn how postures are combined with the timing of practice, seasonal, and life periods of practice influence the doshas. Be prepared to practice and also enjoy some lectures so bring a notepad. Wisdom and practice always go together.

Date: Saturday, April 24th
Time: 8am -12pm
Cost: $50 / $40 pre-registration.

Mas Vidal Yoga Pose Integral Yoga

Evolutionary Healing Panel Discussion ~ Listen, Learn, ask questions and leave this workshop transformed!

Join us for this interactive panel discussion featuring a renowned group of doctors and healers to discuss how Ayurveda as the medicinal system of the higher ages is helping our global societies to shift in their consciousness to create Real healing. Our panel will share how yoga and astrology play important roles in healing. Join doctors, practitioners and astrologers Mas Vidal, Ram Tamang, Vijaya Stern and Sam Geppi for an afternoon of insightful wisdom.

Date: Saturday, April 24th
Time: 2pm - 4pm
Cost: $30 / $25 pre-registration.

Mas Vidal Yoga Pose Integral Yoga

Integrating Asana, Pranayama & Tridosha (Part 2) for Detox with Mas Vidal

Learn how the elements can teach us how to connect the dots of healing. As Learn how to use postures to influence physiology and also how they affect the doshas and their functions. We will also incorporate the role of postural yoga for improving jatharagni (metabolism) and how asana and pranayama can work together for removing ama (undigested food waste). Finally, the workshop culminates with how Yoga is used for establishing a balanced state of mind-body synergy or homeostasis. All are welcome. Be prepared to practice and also enjoy some lectures so bring a notepad. Wisdom and practice always go together.

Date: Saturday, April 25th
Time: 8am -12pm
Cost: $50 / $40 pre-registration.

Dancing Shiva Sanskrit Workshop

Introduction to Sanskrit

Learn the basics of the ancient and spiritual language of India known as Sanskrit. Based on the Devanagari script, this language provides the spiritual foundation for the behemoth healing systems known as Yoga, Ayurveda, and Jyotish and the entire Vedic culture. This introduction to Sanskrit will help the student understand the importance of proper pronunciation and the energetic value of Sanskrit mantras. You will learn the alphabet and how to pronounce many of the words used in yoga and Ayurveda. All are welcome and no prior experience is required.

Meet Venkatesh Rao
faculty rao

Venkatesh Rao is a volunteer teacher from Samskrita Bharati, an organization dedicated to reviving the Sanskrit language. He has been teaching the Sanskrit Language for the last 6 years in Southern California and also through online media. He is also a student of Yoga and the holy Bhagavad Gita. By profession, he is a management consultant working for a technology company.

Teacher: Venkatesh Rao
Date: Begins Oct 12th
Time: 6 - 7:30 pm Pacific Standard Time
Series: 8 Consecutive Mondays / 90 minute classes
Cost: $195

Vedic Astrology Conference

Vedic Astrology Conference

Join Mas Vidal for Jyotisha and the Healing Herbs of Ayurveda & Yoga

Jyotish and Ayurveda are interlinked and demonstrate a variety of healing remedies for the mind and body according to the more subtle factors in the birth chart. This intensive will explore the indicators found in the nakshatras (lunar mansions) to prescribe herbs, special formulas and dietary measures according to Ayurveda. Special emphasis will be placed on the nervous and endocrine systems to bring greater balance to the female body and health in general. We will explore the medicinal and symbolic significance of the trees or herbal plants according to each of the 27 nakshatras. Understanding the nakshatra tree as the physical human spine brings great insight into how prana adheres to the body, its strengths, and its deficiencies. These sacred plant-star correlations were assigned by the Vedic rishis to remind us of the sacred and eternal relationship the human spirit shares with nature.

Learn how the nakshatra tree acts as a yantra or vehicle for awakening the inner shakti or potential of the Goddess. Eventually, as the aspirant continues on their spiritual path they must inevitably connect their mind and spine (tree nakshatra) for greater health, and most importantly to enhance our knowledge and devotion to the One in All! The Supreme Divine!

Date: Thursday, Nov 19th from 10am - 4pm

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Virtual Bhakti Fest with Mas Vidal & Other Artists


Join Mas for the first-ever virtual Bhakti Fest Reunion. Mas is super excited about performing for Bhakti Fest Reunion with other musicians, speakers, activists, and healers from all over the world. Join Mas for "The Secrets of Success" workshop per Yoga & Ayurvedic philosophies. The workshop is based on an adaption of Swami Rama Tirtha's teaching over a century ago at a small gathering in San Francisco in 1902.

Bhakti Fest Reunion will be streamed live 8th and 9th Aug.
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We hope you will join us for an epic weekend of entertainment and workshop classes across 3 stages.

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