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What is my Life's Purpose As Per Vedic Astrology

 This workshop will expand on basic themes of signs, houses, and planets and focus on understanding your true life purpose or dharma. The birth chart gives clear indications of who you are, your talents and capacities. This is especially important today as more people are seeking greater balance to life in a very complex and fast-paced world. Is a faster pace or more money really the answer?  Come and discover Your truth. Class includes chart print out for those who do early bird registration or have already had a reading with Mas.

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Time: 6-9pm
Date: Sept 4th
Cost: $50 / $40 early bird before August 15th.
Location: Encinitas, Ca / Soul of Yoga

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Integral Yoga-Veda Sadhana

Experience the essence of the classical hatha yoga system with an exploration of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), bandha (energy locks) and mudra (Divine gestures). This practicum will provide the mystical meaning behind the poses and teach the sacred techniques of an integral yoga to awaken the inner pranic forces of devotion, stillness, and healing. Aspire and teach the mind how to control the body and breath to attain that sublime surrender to the One!

All levels are welcome to attend. Bring your mat, water, and dress prepared for yoga practice. This special workshop and class with begin with an invocation to the Gurus and end with a Divine Light Healing Prayer.

Cost: $35 early registration/ $50 regular
Date: Saturday, Oct 5th
Time: 9:30am - 12noon

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The Power of Pranayama in Yoga & Ayurveda

Thousands of years ago the yogis of ancient India created powerful techniques of breathing that transported human consciousness to domains beyond time and space. The Tantra yoga tradition enumerates between 12- 16 variations of these breathing techniques, however many of them have been excluded from commercial yoga classes because of their complexity and lack of understanding. Mas will share insights into these techniques and how they can be used to awaken kundalini and shakti or inherent power when prana is awakened in the mind-body complex. Come and discover the breathless state touted by great yogi adepts and climb the mystical ladder of higher consciousness. The workshop includes a review of main breathing forms and a transcendental breath journey.

Time: 6-9pm
Date: July 31st
Cost: $50 / $40 early bird before July 15th.
Location: Encinitas, California / Soul of Yoga

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 Herbs of Ayurveda and Yoga with Mas Vidal & special guest Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar

Join these two esteemed practitioners of Ayurveda for a down to earth study of the powerful herbs used in Ayurveda, the science of life. Topics include the use of herbs in clinical practice, herbs for health and longevity, using herbs for women's health and how to use herbs for enhancing your yoga practice.

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Time: 8am-5pm
Date: August 15th & 16th

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AyurVedic Cooking Cafe: A Two-Day Immersion
with Mas Vidal and special guests Dr. Mr. & Mrs Kulkarni

June 27th & 28th

The Ayurvedic approach to dietetics is based on integral health and wellness to promote a harmonious mind-body relationship. Diet according to Ayurveda is unique and distinct to every individual constitution and also aligns with the timing factors (age, seasons and daily cycles). Diet can also be adjusted to menstrual cycles, pre-post pregnancy and planetary factors as per a person’s birth chart.

Mas Vidal and special guests teachers Doctors Mr. & Mrs Kulkarni will share years of practical experience from the kitchen and their clinical practices. Join us for two days of wisdom, cooking, eating and healing. The Kulkarni’s are visiting us from Pune, India and combined they specialize in five elemental approach to Ayurveda (panchabhoutic chikitsa), general gynecology, and have treated a multitude of patients with chronic disorders from Osteoarthritis, multiple myeloma, infertility, endometriosis and much more. They have been in clinical practice for the last 28 years. Join us and enjoy their wealth of knowledge from the Ayurveda and Yoga traditions. Mas Vidal and the Kulkarni’s are part of the same network of doctors in India called International Academy of Ayurveda, that is dedicated to the propagation of Ayurvedic healing globally.

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Topics include:

• Ayurveda and foods
• The six tastes
• Food and the seasons
• Using spices for all doshas
• Food as Medicine
• Cooking and diet for Women’s Health
• Cooking & Foods for skin care
• Astrology and diet

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