200 Hour Online Program

$2,100.00 each

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Namaste and welcome to the 200 hour online E- Learning” Yoga and Ayurveda counselor certification program. The online and correspondence format allows the student the opportunity to study on an individual basis at their own pace and from their own computer. Become a counselor and help others create balance and wellness in their lives.

One Program with Two Great Systems

This is the original Yoga and Ayurveda program that unites both sciences into an authentic teaching approach and lifestyle-training course. This program uniquely teaches how Yoga and Ayurveda are practiced together to create the perfect balance of practical wisdom and spirituality.

~ If you are looking for a course that embraces the essence of all types of yoga, this is it. This course strongly adheres to individuals seeking their truth as a path for personal transformation.

~ The Yoga aspect of the program involves developing discipline through dynamic yoga practices and rituals to discover a deeper understanding of who you to find your dharma (purpose) in life.

~ On the Ayurvedic side, daily and seasonal routines are taught as a foundation for balanced healthy living and longevity to develop a profound relationship with nature. The importance of this program lies in understanding the material in a manner that aids the student/practitioner in the development of his or her sadhana/spiritual lifestyle disciplines. Essentially our motto is, “if you are living it, you understand it!”

All the course materials are provided online:

~ Over 108 hours of beautiful videos of yoga classes, lectures and group Q & A.
~ Online testing.
~ Evaluations and teleconferences.
~ Fascinating charts and illustrations, practical exercises for spiritual development and a multitude of ayurvedic practices and remedies for personal self healing.

A complete welcome kit is mailed to you once you have enrolled:

~ Comprehensive 300 page course manual.
~ Sun, Moon, Earth: The Sacred Relationship of Yoga & Ayurveda book by Mas Vidal.

~ Yoga DVD series - Masterful practices with Mas Vidal.
~ Autobiography Of A Yogi.
~ Sacred yogic prayer bead necklace.
~ Candle
*Your kit will be mailed to you approximately 7-10 days after you register.

Program Collage

Each of the 12 course modules includes yoga practices, mantras and meditations, modern themes and metaphors, video lectures and Q & A discussions. These sciences as presented in this program consistently endorse the surest means of learning Yoga and Ayurveda as we guide you through into healing, practicing and eventually living a new balanced lifestyle.

Share the wisdom of this program in so many ways:

~ With your family and friends.
~ Become a yoga and ayurveda counselor at a health resort or spa. 
~ Teach yoga at any yoga studio across the USA, fitness centers and health clubs, schools and universities.


Specific reading assignments are given from the below texts with each program section to support the core materials outlined in the curriculum and as a supplement to the program manual. These readings are equally important to the program manual. Note: The course does require the specified material and authors listed below.

Sun, Moon and Earth: The Sacred Relationship of Yoga & Ayurveda by Mas Vidal

Yoga & Ayurveda by David Frawley 

• Bhagavad Gita “God Talks With Arjuna” by Paramahansa Yogananda

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▪ One Time Registration fee___________________________________ $150 


Special Note: In certain instances we do offer students payment options for 3-6 months, however a $15 transaction fee is added to each monthly payment. Students are given this monthly option after speaking to our program coordinator, however a deposit is still required. Students are given one year to complete the course and if necessary can ask for one extension. Those registered and requiring more than two years for completion will have to pay a $500 re-activation fee plus $150 to re-register. This will need to be handled directly with our program coordinator at 323 934 8332.


Registration Form

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For the YAT training students are required to provide a written notice about cancellation from the program with details and reason for having to withdraw a minimum of 14 days prior to the date of commencement. Telephone calls, emails, or absenteeism will not be considered as valid cancellation.


A. 100 % of all tuition's are refundable if student chooses to cancel or withdraw on the first day of registering.

B. If the student decides to discontinue his/her enrollment before the end of a 14-day period (as dated on the application) 50 % is refundable (excluding registration fee). 
C. There will be no refunds after the 14-day period.

All cancellation letters for either YAS or YAT programs should be emailed to: 


Ancient Wisdom (Vedas)
About B.C.E. and A.D.
The Four Vedas 
Introduction To Yoga & Ayurveda
Vedanta & Samkhya Philosophy 
Bhagavad Gita

PART TWO: BLUEPRINTS OF OUR WORLD______________________10 hours 

Tattvas (24 Cosmological Principles)
Purusha / Ultimate consciousness
Cosmos in Four Parts                                                                          
Yugas (World/Ages of Creation)                                                              
Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) basic principles
Comparison of vedic and western astrology
About the sun and the moon
Dharmas (Aims of Life)

PART THREE: FORCES OF NATURE_____________________________10 hours

Pancha Maha Bhutas (Five Great Elements)
Gunas (Prime Qualities)
Doshas (Biological Humors) 
Ayurveda’s Two Main Forms

PART FOUR: THE MYSTICAL ENERGIES________________________10 hours

The Five Directions of Prana
Kundalini Shakti
Three Shariras (Gross, Astral & Causal)

Karma & Reincarnation

PART FIVE: CLASSICAL & MODERN YOGA_____________________10 hours

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (Ashtanga)
Scriptures of Hatha Yoga
Tantra and Hatha Yogas Deeper Connection
Tantra and The Yogis
Yoga In The West
Yoga and Ayurveda in America
The Healing Potential & Sacredness Of The Feet

PART SIX: YOGA ASANA________________________________________10 hours

Asana Purpose & Function
Group Yoga Practice
Types of Asanas
Salutation to the Sun & Moon (Surya and Chandra Namaskar)  
The Essence of Yoga and Ayurveda                                                                                           
The Elements of Ayurvedic Yoga
Characterisitcs of the Dosha Types in a Balanced State
Characterisitcs of the Dosha Types Out of Balance
Three Bandhas
Principles of Alignment
A Threefold Approach To Alignment
Length of Holding Yoga Postures
Energetics of Asana


Five Levels Of Chanting 
Types of Mantras
The Melody Of Aum
Deity Mantras
The Garland: The Symbolism and Sacredness of 108
Types of Pranayama
Meditation (Prayer, Visualization & Affirmations)     
Five Steps of Meditation                                             
Preparation for Meditation (Understanding Pratyahara)


 Dhatus & Malas
General Anatomy and Physiology (Human body) 
Spinal Column and Major Systems
Anatomy Part II (Dosha Organs)
East & West-Comparing Systems

PART NINE: BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE________________10 hours

 Role of the Individual                                                                                      
Noble Qualities
Ethical Guidelines
Doshas in the classroom 
Practice Notes for Dosha Types                                             
Five Vital Components of a Yoga Practice (asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana)
Learning the Art of Intuition
Raja Yoga and Ayurveda

Digestion, Peace Of Mind, Balance
Therapies (Nasya, Jal Neti, Abhyanga, Sweat, Fasting)  
Special Concerns of Practice (Menstruation Period, Injuries, Pregnancy & Ailments)

PART ELEVEN: LIVING WITH NATURE_________________________10 hours

Ayurvedic Living and Daily Routine                                                                         
Diet (Six Tastes), 
The Gunas & Food
Tastes & The Doshas
Ayurvedic Dietary Themes (Ama, Jatharagni)
Spice List
Seasons & The Doshas
Dietary Purification
Ayurvedic Herbology (Digestive System)
Foods (Dairy products, Milk, Ghee, Eggs, Meats, Mushrooms, Chywanprash)
The Ashramas (Yogic Living)


 Spirit and Nature
Caste System
Being a Bhakti Yogi                                                                           
Universality of Truth (Sanatana Dharma)                          
Cultivating Sadhana

12 Home Yoga: Practices & Disciplines:     30 hours 
These exercise are given at the end of each course section to develop yogic discipline and for lifestyle enhancement.

12 Home Ayurveda: Routines & Remedies: 30 hours
A variety of daily and seasonal routines are given at the end of each course section to promote self healing and connect you to natures medicine.

Monthly Conference Calls:_____________20 hours

Each month the program Director or staff will lead engaging discussions on course topics, answer your questions and share informative dialogue with students.

Total Hours:________________________200 hours



"Everything I was doing in my life was looking externally to find the answers. It was only when I decided to take this course that I realized the value of looking inward. The Yoga and Ayurveda course was just what I needed – it allowed me to regroup and study inward at my own pace while allowing the gift of being able to share in the group videos, highlighting that we cannot do this alone. It was the right course at the right time for me, pure and simple." 

Jay Lynn (Program graduate 2016)