India Programs & Pilgrimages

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Experience India with Mas Vidal & Dancing Shiva

Dancing Shiva offers three unique and distinct India programs yearly.

Each program invites you to experience and embrace a unique quality of India's incredible knowledge and wisdom.

Yogi Yatra


The Yogi Yatra (pilgrimage) focuses on the northern region of India and more partcularly the Himalayas.
This region is abound with yoga, ancient temples, the sacred river Ganges, and caves including Mahavatar Babaji's.

Ayurveda Retreat - The Motherland Program

DATES: MARCH 8TH - 22ND, 2021

Experience the Motherland of India during a 15-day intensive Ayurvedic Retreat in our affiliate Institute located in Pune, India.

100 Hour Individual Study


Learn Ayurveda in India through our specialized studies program.

Our 21 day programs offer an opportunity to learn in an authentic environment with a traditional approach or gurukul at the TanMan Ayurvedic Research center in the rural mountain areas of Bhukum, Pune.

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