DVD Water (Tone & Shape)

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This DVD series demonstrates the practice of yoga in its complete and authentic form while embracing the principles of Ayurveda. Each DVD in the series embraces the science of Tri-dosha, the balance of the air, fire and water elements. In each session Mas Vidal teaches you how to practice yoga to work the entire body, balance the mind and awaken the soul, bringing forth our inherent spiritual qualities. Each yoga series includes dynamic yoga postures, therapeutic breathing exercises, special techniques to experience incredible relaxation and establish real concentration and finally a soul centering meditation. Each practice takes you on a journey into a complete yoga practice; that is more than just fitness, it is authentic and blissful.

WATER DVD - This series is focused on toning and shaping the whole body through a combination of stimulating balancing postures and dynamic sequences that will make your body workout! Postures are combined with a very powerful breathing technique that stimulates digestion and improves function of the cardiovascular system. This series ends in a transformational meditation that restores the mind-body relationship building confidence and improving mental focus. This is a great practice for those looking to wake up and be challenged. In Ayurveda, the intention of this yoga practice is to bring balance to Kapha dosha.