DETOX PROGRAM (Pancha Karma)

$2,000.00 each

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The Detox Program adheres to a traditional and authentic treatment system called "Pancha Karma" in Ayurveda. It is a comprehensive approach to purifying the body of toxins and also an effective means for healing the mind of stress, tension and many common issues of todays modern lifestyle. Every Detox Program is customized according to your health and wellness needs and to your dosha (mind-body) type as per the recommendations of Mas Vidal (Director & Head Practitioner). Each treatment series is structured and begins with preparation therapies done at home for 3-5 days prior to your first treatment. This is to prepare your body for the release of toxins. All the treatments are structured and require about 3 hours. The Pancha Karma Detox must begin with an Ayurvedic Consultation (charged separately) and we usually recommend beginning the daily treatments between 6am - 7am as this is an auspicious and effective time for healing and detoxification. Clients will then be finished between 9 - 10am, to shower, eat and begin there day relaxed and healthy.


~ Fat reduction and weight loss.
~ Good for general health maintainance.
~ For treating addicitions that have toxified the body. (Liver & Kidney cleanses)
~ Increasing strength of the immune system.
~ Skin balancing and restoration to improve skin clearity and luster. (Improving the quality of your blood). 
~ Strengthen digestion (metabolism) and remove constipation, distention, gas, IBS, hyper-acidity, ulcerative colitis & other intestinal issues.
~ Stress release, tension, improve sleep, heal from emotional trauma, those suffering from headaches, high blood pressure.
~ Excellent for those who have minor injuries, arthritis and osteoporosis.

See the videoDetoxification with Ayurvedic Treatments


1. NASYA - This is a cleansing therapy for the nose and face, involves the administration of medicated oils (or herb extracts) into the nose, steam inhalation and a face massage and acupressure.

2. ABHYANGA - Ayurvedic bodywork treatment with using medicated oils to nourish and feed the bodily tissues.  

3. ACUPRESSURE THERAPY - A therapy of applying acupressure to specific energy points (Marmas) to improve circulation and balance the bodily systems.

4. SHIRODHARA - A blissful stream of warm oil is poured continuously over the forehead. 

5. SWEDHANA - Herbalized steam therapy activates the sweat glands to flush out all the body toxins that were loosened for release during 
the bodywork.

6. ENEMAS - These herbally medicated oil enemas are a major therapy for the nervous and digestive systems. (Prepared and done at home).

7. YOGA - When required various yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation are specifically chosen for the individual constitution. 

8. DIET & HERBS - Patients are placed on a cleansing whole food vegetarian diet and given a customized herbal formula to facilitate balancing the doshas and purifying the body. Herbal formulas  are charged separately and cost $50 or $60 dollars.


COST:  Five Day Detox Program $2,000 - $3,000 (Consultation is not included)

~ The treatments can be offered in a private home (Southern California area) or at one of our locations. Cost varies depending on factors such as level of toxicity, types of chronic issues, location and duration. The standard series is for 5 days.

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Another option is the 7-day Home Detox Program.

Please Note: Credit card number is required when booking your appointment. We have a 24 Hour cancellation policy or full payment will be charged. If appointment has to be rescheduled there will be no extra fee. Late cancellation fees are also waived under certain emergency circumstances.