What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient medical system of India for promoting health, harmony and longevity in all human beings. Ayurveda provides a universal approach to health and wellness that can be applied by anyone in the world. Ayurveda is based on the five sacred elements and the system of Tri-Dosha (Air, Fire and Water).

Understanding how these elements work will help any person understand their own body. Ayurveda aims at removing physical diseases as a result of imbalances of the elements. Yoga aims at removing the disease of egoism. Together they balance each other perfectly.

Ayurveda and an Overview of Tri-Dosha

The essence of Ayurvedic health and wellness begins with discovery of one's mind-body type (prakriti). For health and healing to properly take place one must have a clear idea of this principle. The predominant element is referred to as dosha or prakriti. The Dancing Shiva training will teach students the ancient secrets of tri-dosha, how to live your dharma as one's divine purpose to discover that work is bliss. Read more about the Dosha types.

Ayurveda allows one to enjoy the body because it contains bliss and work allows positive energy to flow into life and outwards to the world. Yoga promotes the inner path towards peace and when love and peace are combined then consciousness can expand to the highest place. Yoga and Ayurveda as taught through Mas Vidal's teachings are rooted in the greatest lineages from India These are not merely designed for superficial means of health as touted by sensationalized commercial fitness movements. Yoga and Ayurveda are here for you to completely reform your life and every aspect of it.

Ayurveda will improve your health in many ways:

  • Digest better and manage body weight.
  • Improve sleep and learn how good sleep can reduce karma.
  • Improve skin and beauty.
  • Feel greater compassion and connection to nature, animals and all life.
  • Improve concentration and learn how to work smart and efficiently as opposed to hard and long.
  • Connect to the sun and enjoy the healing vibration of the sun's rays to remove disease and overcome the virus of greed.
  • Embrace the moon to increase intimacy, enhance your power of touch and allow the power of the feminine Divine to be alive in you.
  • Live on earth as your child would with fascination and splendor, wait, watch and wonder....www it’s here to teach you many things.

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