Tele-Conference Sangha (Community)

Monthly Tele-Conference Sangha

All Dancing Shiva members are welcome to join our monthly tele-conference satsanga with Director Mas Vidal, program faculty and special guests. These satsanga's take place each month and the schedule varies and each evening a topic/theme will be presented by the leader. Participants and Dancing Shiva members are welcome to ask questions and share in the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda. You are not required to participate the entire time and can just enjoy listening.

This informal discussion brings together yogis and students of the yoga and ayurveda traditions. Its our monthly offering of satsanga (gathering in truth) that integrates the principles of univeral love and wisdom with modern lifestyle and current trends-events.

Date: Email us at so we can add your email to the group and you will recieve a link to view and partake in the satsanga. This email link will include the date and time and connect you to the live video meeting.

Time: Usually at 7:00pm (Pacific Standard Time, California) .

We look forward to having you and joining our growing global spiritual community.