Detox Program (Home)

Purify with the Wisdom of Ayurveda

This powerful 7-day home detox program (kit) is a complete and thorough purification for the body. Unlike many modern approaches of cleansing, that starve the body, this detox program takes from the wisdom of Ayurveda, purifying the body and nourishing it at the same time. Its scientifically proven and the results are remarkable. The kit is complete with everything you need to achieve your health and wellness goals, all within one week. During this week of detoxification it is recommended that your schedule and responsibilites are reduced a bit so that you can attain the results you truly need. Most persons are able to keep their regular schedule but we want you to make it more simple that week. People these days live with being out of balance for months and even years. It makes no sense, why wait? Experience what the ancient wisdom of ayurveda can do for your body, skin, weight loss, improve digestion and even deepen the quality of sleep.

The kit is designed to balance all dosha (mind-body) types. Essentially, it adheres to the science of tri-dosha, however for those individuals dealing with more chronic health related disorders it is highly recommended that you get a comprehensive consultation with Ayu-Practitioner Mas Vidal.

Each 7 day Home Detox program includes:

~ Tasty Meals (lunch & dinner) for 7 days
~ Herbs (special powder blend)
~ Body Oil (From Mas Vidal's custom blends)
~ A complete spice kit
~ Enemas (small and easy to use)
~ Detox tea (A classical ayurvedic blend)
~ Special recipes (Rejuvenation foods for increasing energy)
~ Yoga & breathing techniques (As taught in Mas's DVD series, to expel toxins, remove bacterias and improve digestion).
~ Handbook (complete with day by day instructions)
~ Support and counseling by Mas Vidal and the staff during the week of the detox (email us at with your questions anytime during the cleanse).
~ F
ollow up counseling sessions are billed separately.
~ Mas Vidal's Optimum Yoga DVD

This program is particularly good for weight loss, balanced digestion, increased energy, skin issues and general yearly health overhall.  It is all done at home with an easy to follow instruction guide.


Total Cost: $575 (Includes shipping and packaging to any city in the continental United States). $95 fee is added for all international shipments.

(Make sure to include your complete shipping and contact information when completing your purchase).

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Special notes: Detox Program-kits are non-refundable once they have been shipped and recieved. Please email us with your questions?


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