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For three quarters of a century, Self-Realization Fellowship, a worldwide religious organization with international headquarters in Los Angeles, has been dedicated to carrying on the spiritual and humanitarian work of Paramahansa Yogananda.



The complete website for devotees of the great avatar Paramahansa Yogananda. Join a network of yogis throughout the world united in reaching higher consciousness.



International Academy of Ayurveda is a unique school is directly affiliated with Dancing Shiva. The academy professors and doctors visit Dancing Shiva regularly for programs and intensives, they are based out of Pune, India. Prof. Subhash Ranade, is the chairman.


They are the hosts for the Dancing Shiva Yoga & Ayurveda 200 Hour Program and Mas also gives some workshops at the center. They main focus is offering a variety of yoga asana classes with a sincere spiritual intention.


Director Pandit David Frawley's complete Institute which includes Vedic Knowledge and Training Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Yoga, Vedanta, Hindu Dharma, Vedic Studies, Courses, Training Programs, Resources, On-line Articles and Books


A beautiful center nestled at the base of the Swan mountains in Big Fork, offers weekly classes workshops and teacher trainings with Mas director of Dancing Shiva. Yoga camps for kids and friendly people.


A great resource for finding yoga and ayurveda practitioners across the globe. The President of European Yoga Federation is Suryananda Swami Saraswati  (Amadio Bianchi) is associated with MasVidal of Dancing Shiva.


Our vision is to bring the healing science of Ayurveda and its modalities to the forefront of integrative medicine in the West.


An Integrative Wellness Center in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona subtly blends the ancient wisdom
and experience of the East (Ayurveda & Yoga) with the logic and knowledge of the west to provide care for their clients, thus discovering, igniting, and unfolding their innate potential for healing. Yoga and Ayurveda training programs are taught by Mas and other workshops as well. Discover this family run oasis.


Annette Figueredo is an individual Ayurvedic therapist who offers Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Body-Work) Shirodhara and much more. "My goal is to make everyone feel beautiful and healthy from the inside out." I have been an avid proponent of Ayurveda and its wholesome, rejuvenating effects since 2001.


Ayurvedic Wellness Center in the Kendall area of Miami. They also offer Acupuncture and various treatments.


Based in Bonita Springs Florida, this center is committed to teaching Yoga and Ayurveda. A beautiful space that offers yoga classes, workshops, treatments and teacher trainings and lifestyle enhancement programs based on Mas Vidal's integral Yoga and Ayurveda approach.


Swami Jyotirmayananda - A Yoga Master in Miami and direct living disciple of the Maha yogi Sri Sivananda. “You are the architect of your destiny,” says Swami Jyotirmayananda, revered spiritual teacher of Integral Yoga, who lectures and writes on all aspects of Yoga-Vedanta philosophy at the Yoga Research Foundation in Miami, Florida. To learn more about his great sage and his monthly magazine, books, CDs, DVDs, and live broadcasts over the internet. A garden of scriptural delight awaits you.


The works of Thomas Ashley-Farrand give unprecedented, detailed instruction in how to empower yourself using the techniques of the ancient sages and rishis. After many years of teaching and sharing, he has been persuaded by his friends to publish the techniques of mantra sadhana in which he was initiated over the course of decades by Eastern masters. Additionally, as we enter the new millenium, he has decided to share some of the moving experiences that he has had with spiritually advanced beings, as well as the lessons that he learned from each encounter. These works are offered in a spirit of service. We sincerely hope that they will further you on your path.


When in New York City visit the heart of yoga. Experience the humility,
humbleness and the challenge of great classes by a truly yogic staff and
none other than Sri Dharma himself. " The best yoga practice in New York City" Mas Vidal


Bharatiya Snaskriti Darshan Ayurved is an Ayurvedic hospital and research center in Wagholi, Pune state of Maharashtra. The offer one week of Pancha Karma for about five hundred usd. The setting is ideal with plenty of nature open land and some mountains.


Dhyana Ayurveda Healing Center. Includes Ayurvedic practitioners that blend the philosophy of Ayurveda with the application of Medicinal Aromatherapy to create a unique and individualized approach to health care. We offer both Ayurvedic Education Certification Programs and Pancha Karma and other Ayurvedic treatments and bodywork at our Sebastopol Retreat in Sonoma County, Northern California. Shop online useful products such as organic essential oils, neti pots, salts, and gua sha


Floracopeia offers a large selection of aromatic treasure, including essential oils, traditional Ayurvedic attars from India, exotic and infused body oils and natural perfumes. Floracopeia was established by David Crow, L.Ac., master herbalist, aromatherapist, author of “In Search of the Medicine Buddha” and meditation teacher.


Chakrapani Ulla is a direct disciple of Swami Muktananda and is one of the most recognized astrologers in the world and has pioneered vedic astrology in the west. He regularly offers workshops on various topics in vedic astrology at Dancing Shiva and is based out of Los Angeles.



The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children's health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics. We are the only organization in the US focused exclusively on promoting the views and interests of the nation's estimated 50 million organic and socially responsible consumers.


Our mission is to mobilize the global yoga community to empower women in India to build sustainable livelihoods. Using micro-credit to fight poverty in India.


CPAK is an amazing conference that brings together a cadre of authors, scientists and independent researchers to explore the ancient idea that consciousness and history move in a vast cycle of time with alternating Dark and Golden Ages, a cycle Plato called: The Great Year. This once world wide belief in a rise and fall of the ages, is finding increasing support in new interpretations of myth and folklore, discoveries of anomalous artifacts, revisions of archaeological site dating, astronomical insights and new theories of consciousness.


Since incorporating in 1986, Farm Sanctuary has established America's premier farm animal shelters and waged effective campaigns to stop farm animal cruelty.


Home gardens, school presentations, Edible playgrounds, Farm design. We have been working with teachers, students and yoga schools nationwide to deepen our awareness about natural food. Do you know where your food comes from?




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