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Spirit & Nature 2014


Ojai, Ca


Namaste Divine friends,

This summer solstice gathering is Dancing Shiva's 1st annual event on disseminating the wisdom of the Vedas in an effort to unify the sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish. This signature event launches Dancing Shiva as a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Education Organization. A portion of the proceeds from this event will also go to number of other charitable organizations: Self Realization Fellowship the spiritual organization of Paramahansa Yogananda, Save Ganesh & WorldWildlife.org to help protect elephants from poaching for their ivory tusks.

I have always been inspired by the idea of learning under the trees, practicing yoga exposed to the great elements and looking up to the sky to find the stars, moon and realizing that we are all connected to an amazing universe. This gathering is about celebrating the creation we all live in and how the wisdom trinity of Yoga, Ayurveda and Jyotish can help us make this world a better place for humanity to share through personal transformation. As we bath ourselves in the beauty and healing energy of nature, she continues to sing her song through these great traditions so that we can all listen and learn how to master the mystery of life.

The name of the event comes from a chant sung by the great bhakta Saint, Chaitanya of which my guru Paramahansa Yogananda did a transliteration of in recent times titled "Spirit and Nature" and it affirms of the eternal relationship that we all share with nature; a perennial relationship that awards us the balance that humanity is ceaselessly seeking.
In my understanding these wisdom traditions share one very bold and consistent message,
Lifestyle and wisdom are inseparable and all that we seek lies in the relationship we share with all living things as Divine.

With my deepest gratitude,

R. Mas Vidal



THE CONFERENCE: The Stars Align...On the summer solstice
(Lectures and Workshops of all levels in Yoga/Ayurveda/Vedic Astrology)

MasVidal, Dr. Ranade, Sunanda Ranade, Johanna Bennett, Arun Deva, Bill Levacy Ph.D., Michael Brian Baker

June 21st & 22nd / All day Saturday & Sunday

~ $195 (Two day pass)



~ $108 (One day pass)



~ $125 (Acccommodation for Friday, June 20th and 3 & Meals for Saturday, June 21st).

~ $125 (Acccommodation for Saturday, June 21st and 3 & Meals for Sunday, June 22nd).



~ $50 (One day meal pass includes 3 vegetarian meals) Good for either Sat or Sun.



For any additonal questions email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To see the list of presenters here

To see the conference schedule here

Location: Ojai Foundation  / 9739 Ojai-Santa Paula Road, Ojai. CA 93023

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THE RETREAT: (Join a conscious community of yogi’s for Dancing Shiva’s annual retreat in Ojai). Practice yoga, enjoy Ayurvedic healing (consultations & treatments), organic vegetarian meals and nature walks. Conference lectures can be purchased on an individual basis as a separate purchase.

June 20th – 22nd / Friday - Sunday

~ $450 [Includes two night stay, daily yoga classes and all meals (Fri eve, Sat & Sun)]



For any other questions email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Location: Ojai Foundation  / 9739 Ojai-Santa Paula Road, Ojai. CA 93023

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I cannot explain my gratitude for the experience this past week. The incredible connections of soul sisters and brothers sharing spirit in nature in Ojai, was beyond words of perfection and exactly what I needed! All day, even though on little sleep and information overload, I keep trying to repeat all I saw, heard, learned over and over in my head because I want to retain it all, wishing I had a photographic memory for fine detail! I've kept a huge smile on my face, that I can't seem to stop, I'm glowing, exuding love to all, all day and seeing back in their smiles. I am overflowing with love from these past days in at the inaugural event. I'm looking at people in the eyes with genuine love and compassion for them. I've felt confident and great telling everyone about Yoga and Ayurveda!

Shannan Garcia
Massage Therapist & Yoga Teacher




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