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Experience Mas Vidal's complete Ayurvedic assesment. Each session will determine the persons body-mind type (dosha) and then focus on alleviating the symptoms and causes of the health issue(s). Understanding your dosha is the first step to practicing yoga and living ayurveda. These sessions are the foundation of Ayurvedic medicine to adapt this wisdom into your lifestyle, prepare for detoxification and promote overall wellness.

Additionally, specific recommendations will be given to prepare for the Detoxification Programs (if required) through yogic techniques, breathings exercises, custom diet, herbs and extensive education and counseling support to create a balanced daily routine for strong foundation into holsitic healing.

Initial consultations will also consider an integrative therapeutic approach, therefore other modalities may be recommended when necessary. Each session is complimented with an Ayurvedic astrological review of the patients birth chart, including the sun, moon and rising signs, gem prescription as well as understanding the current maha cycle and its potential influences on a persons health and lifestyle.

In person consultations are offered in Los Angeles, Ventura or Ojai weekly. Skype sessions are also a convenient option and also for those outside of California or International clients. Note: Bookings can take from 2-4 weeks depending on time of year.


INITIAL COMPREHENSIVE (one time visit):$175 Includes a complete assesment, diet program, body oils, herbal recomendations, yoga and wellness tips, ayurvedic astrology chart review and print-out, booklet and set up for one of the specialized detox programs.


3 SESSION SERIES (three counseling sessions):$375 - This includes the initial consultation and two follow up visits. This series is highly recommended for those wanting to achieve greater results in their health and wellness goals, especially for weight loss, skin problems, sleep issues and for learning how to integrate ayurvedic principles into daily and seasonal routines.


5 SESSION SERIES (five counseling sessions): $500 - This includes the initial consultation and four follow up sessions of which one includes Mas Vidal's special acupressure and pranic breathing healing treatment to relax and de-stress the mind and promote energetic well-being. This series is recommended for those with chronic health issues, addictions and for students of the Dancing Shiva certification programs.


special note: It is very important to understand that a person cannot expect to achieve healing and much less learn how ayurveda works in one session. Therefore we strongly recomend that you consider a 3 or 5 session series, especially if you are interested in achieving good results over your health issues and to overcome bad health habits that have a long history. Ayurveda works but it takes committment, concentration and consistency.

Three options for scheduling a consultation with Mas Vidal:

1. Dancing Shiva clinic, 711 North La Jolla, Los Angeles, Ca 90046 (Corner of Melrose ave)
2. Santa Barbara-Ventura
3. Skype

Availability can take as long as two weeks and payment confirmation is required to hold your appointment. To schedule an appointment email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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"One of the first things I did after my initial consultation with Mas Vidal was a 10 day Pancha Karma at Dancing Shiva Yoga and Ayurveda.  I had done so many other cleanses before and was brand new to Ayurveda.  I can honestly say that my experience of Pancha Karma made me a believer in the power of this way of healing from the first moment.  The nourishment in the treatments, the grounding food, and the depth of healing in my tissues, my soul, and my emotions was unsurpassed in any of my other healing experiences before then, or since.  I am forever grateful to have had this experience and to have begun my journey into Ayurveda in such a meaningful way."

Karin Robbins, LCSW, SEP
Somatic Psychotherapist
April 7, 2014




Please kindly note: There is a 24 Hour cancellation policy or full payment will be charged. If the initial appointment is cancelled with in 24 hour period but re-scheduled there will be a $50 fee. Late cancellation fees are also waived under certain circumstances.


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