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Spirit & Nature 2014


Ojai, Ca











Mas Vidal (Director & Founder of Dancing Shiva) Yogi, mystic, practitioner of Ayurveda, founder & Director of Dancing Shiva Yoga Ayurveda an international organization based in southern California. The scope of Dancing Shiva as non-profit educational organization (501 C-3) is to share the universal wisdom of ayurveda and yoga, so when practiced together it can be used to to improve health on the planet regardless of religion, culture or color. Our aim is bring the powerful principles of these great traditions to medically disabled individuals, low income familys, hospitals, public clinics continue our on going work with various affiliated organizations. We share special reverence and gratitude to be associated to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (http://www.yogananda-srf.org/) who fathered the movement of yogic lifestyle in both India and the Americas on the important theme of teaching humanity "how to live" as the surest means for healing humanity. We appreciate your support in this inaugural year of Spirit & Nature 2014, The conference. 











He is one of the foremost experts on Ayurveda. He is the chairman of International Academy of Ayurved in Pune, India. He is leading academician and physician in the field of Ayurveda. He is the author of 146 books on Ayurveda and Yoga. He has worked as Prof. and Head, Dept. of Interdisciplinary School of Ayurveda and Prof. and Head, Dept. of Ayurveda Pune University and Principal of Ashtang Ayurveda College, Pune, India. He has been a integral part of the Dancing Shiva faculty for over 12 years. www.ayurved-int.com



Yogini, mother, yoga & ayurveda therapist and friend to all...Johanna has been part of the Dancing Shiva faculty for over 8 years. Johanna has a BA in Religious Studies and Asian Studies, and has done post-baccalaureate work in Asian Studies. She also teaches beginning and intermediate Yoga as a part-time adjunct faculty of Santa Monica College in the Kinesiology Dept. In addition, Johanna is a visiting teacher and lecturer with the Kerala Ayurveda Academy. She is cool, calm and sweet but dont let that disguise you she teaches some of the meanest yoga asana practices on the planet.




Arun Deva, DASc, AYT, E-RYT(500), YTRx is a graduate of the American Institute Of Ayurveda; an Ayur*yoga Therapist and a Vinyasa Krama certified yoga teacher. The founder of Arunachala Yoga & Ayurveda, Arun has the pleasure of serving both the National & State Ayurvedic Associations: NAMA & CAAM.  He teaches internationally, lectures at Conferences, writes articles for different publications, has been featured on both radio and television and has a clinic for consultations and various treatments including panchakarma and yoga therapy in Los Angeles/West Hollywood. http://yogarasayana.com/


Bill Levacy Ph.D.

William R. (Bill) Levacy, Ph.D.  holds a BA in Literature, a Master’s in the Science of Creative Intelligence, a Master’s in Education, and a Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Human Performance Improvement (HPI).  Dr.Levacy is the author of, “Beneath a Vedic Sky,” “Beneath a Vedic Sun,” and “Vedic Astrology Simply Put.” He is a recipient of the 2011 “Jyotish Medha Pragya” award by the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) in New Delhi, India and the 2012 Jyotisha Manasagara award from the Raman and Rajeshwari Research Foundation. Dr. Levacy is President of the American College of Vedic Astrology™ (ACVA), the ACVAOnline ™ , and Vedic Astrology Coaching™ (VAC) educational programs at  www.acvaonline.org. Bill has maintained an active consulting astrology practice since 1983 and has lectured internationally. www.vedicastrologer.com


Ashley Neumeister


Ashley Neumeister is a student of Michael Brian Baker's The Breath Center and the founder of Moon Eye Healing. She leads transformative practices using the breath. Most people are familiar perhaps in the West with the yogic pranayam, which aids the physical, mental and subtle body to prepare for meditation and the Stanislav Grof Holotropic Breath Work utilized in rebirthing. This breathwork you will experience here is not taught in Yoga, Shamanism or Rebirthing. It is simple, gentle and does not promote hyperventilation or re-traumazation. www.mooneyehealing.com   www.thebreathcenter.com



Dr. Sunanda Ranade

Mrs Ranade is an expert Ayurvedic gynecologist and nutritionist. Over the last 40 years she has worked with thousands of women across the globe applying her vast knowledge of Ayurveda. She has also written hundreds of articles on Ayurveda, which have been published in India and internationally in magazines and newspapers. She also worked as Research Analyst at Central Council for Ayurveda and Siddha for 10 years at Seth Tarachand Ramnath Hospital. She enjoys traveling with her husband through out the world in the propagation of Ayurveda and Yoga. She has been on the Dancing Shiva program faculty for the last 10 years.



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