Ayurveda Health Counselor Program




Welcome to the Ayurveda Health Counselor program that provides you with the foundation principles for becoming a health counselor and is also an excellent course for those interested in medical clinical study and practice. This program is much more academic and science based than the our other programs we offer at Dancing Shiva and will also include anatomy and physiology classes, diet, herbs and lifestyle. It provides the core material taught in the first year curriculums at Universities in India. 

The program includes a variety a learning components including live meetings in the southern California area, printed material (text books), research projects, homework assignments and groups field trips. Its really a lot of fun and brings students an understanding of Ayurveda with both tradional and modern perspectives. This program is unique in that it embraces the traditional gurukul (teacher-student) learning format. Each student is assigned a counselor-teacher to study with over a one year period. In these private and small groups students can learn Ayurveda in the most intimate and effective setting. Students can enroll at any time.



 Hours: 250

 Length: 1 year (12 Months)

 Structure: Private Learning Groups:

 This program is uniquely designed in a traditional learning structure    called gurukul in that the student explores their studies along side a counselor. These private or small groups are between 1-3 students in size and provide an adaptable and intimate format for learning. Students can apply for this program at any time and will begin their studies soon after registering according to their schedule etc...

Note: Only twelve students per year are accepted into this form of study, therefore please sumbit your registration fee and application for review and our program coordinator and we will be contacting you by email to set up a phone interview. Dancing Shiva places emphasis on selecting students that are committed and serious about their studies and are able to make the time for homework assignments, have stable employment and other factors are also part of approval for the program.


~ The structure follows a tutorial session bi-monthly (every two weeks) for 12 months.

~ Each private or small group tutorial is approximately  2 hours in duration.

~ Special homework assignments are given to enhance the learning experience.

~ Several workshops and field trips are organized and taught by Mas Vidal and the faculty and all students are recommended to attend in support of their study and growth in ayurvedic wisdom.



TIMES: Meetings are customized according to the students schedule and needs. These are arranged directly with your teacher and also our program coordinator.

LOCATIONS: Courses are offered at one of locations in southern California: Los Angeles (West-Hollywood or Echo Park), Ventura or Costa Mesa (Orange County).

TOTAL COST: $4,725



STEP ONE: Pay the registration fee

REGISTRATION FEE: There is a $150 registration fee due with the application. If you are not accepted to the program your registration fee will be returned.




STEP TWO: Fill out the application

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 STEP THREE: After receiving your application an interview is required. Our program coordinator will review your application and contact you by email 2-3 days after receiving it to set up a phone interview. If you do not reply to the email we will make an attempt to contact you with the phone number listed on the application. Once you have been accepted you will be instructed to go online and choose your payment preference. Interviews take about 15-20 minutes depending on the number of questions you have?



STEP THREE: Choose your payment preference

ENTIRE PROGRAM TUITION: One payment of $4,725.00  (Includes the registration fee)


THREE PAYMENTS:  Three alternating months of $1,622

Note: The subsequent two payments will occur on the same date as your first payment in alternating months. Make note of this for your personal accounting and budgeting purposes.



 SIX PAYMENTS: Six monthly payments of $811


 TWELVE PAYMENTS: 12 monthly payments of $406




Module 1: The Background and History of Ayurveda - Historical and Philosophical perspectives, its interesting Cosmology, Samkhya, Five Elements, Three Gunas, Karma, 4 Aims of Life and the core themes of ayurvedic thinking and approach to life.

Module 2: Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology (Level One) - Doshas, Elements, Gunas, Actions, Sites of disorder and Aggravation, the twenty attributes, sub doshas, Seven Tissues (Dhatus), Actions, Waste Materials (Malas), Agni (Digestive Fire).

Module 3: Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology (Level Two) - Body Channel Systems (Srotas), Natural Urges, Organs of the Body,  Organs and Doshas, Tissues and Systemic functions.

Module 4: Physical and Mental Constitutional Analysis - Determining your Dosha type, Dosha Imbalances, 7 Different Constitutions, Mind and Doshas, Mind and Gunas, The Process of Disease (Doshas, Seasons, Timings, Climates), Stages and Prognosis of Disease, Aggravation of Doshas, Disease Affects on the Disease process.

Module 5: The Art of Diagnosis - Methods and Techniques, Pulse, Tongue, Abdomen, Skin, Eyes, Nails and Questioning the Patient.

Module 6: Ayurvedic Psychology -  Spiritual Components of the Mind-Body-Soul Relationship, Understanding the Functions Of The Mind, Yogic Psychology, Astral Body, Chakras, Nadis and Karma.

Module 7: Ayurvedic Nutrition - Six Tastes, Five Elements, Principles of Nutrition according to Ayurveda, Diet, Foods of the Doshas, Fruits, Vegetables and other Food Types (Grains, Vegetables, Nuts, Dairy & Animal Products, Oils). 

Module 8: Herbology (Dravya Guna) - Use of Herbs,  Herbs For Digestion, Herbs for Digestive Strength, Herbal combinations, Medicated Aloe, Use of Honey, Herbal medicines in different forms.

Module 9: Detoxification and Purification (Pancha Karma) - Body Work and Steam Therapy (Snehana-Swedhana), Shirodhara (Mind Therapy), Rakta Moksha (Blood Letting), Basti (Enemas), Therapeutic Vomiting (Vamana). Rejuvenation and Tonification Protocols and Treatments. 

Module 10: Ayurvedic Daily & Seasonal Routines: Living A Healthy Lifestyle, How Doshas Affect the Day, Seasons and Entire Life Cycle, Ayurvedic Skin Care, Mouth & Eye Care, Healthy Relationships & Intimacy, Pregnancy.

Module 11: Ayurvedic Astrology (Jyotish) - Planets, Houses, Rising Sign, Cycles and the influence on health, Planets and doshas, houses and there affect on anatomy and physiology. Group chart readings and how to use an ancient astrology in a modern and practical manner.

Module 12: Ayurvedic Integration and Practice: Clinical Case Discussions (private & groups), Counseling Wisdom, Patient Management, Patient Psychology, Managing Your Own Counseling Practice, Business Management, Internship Support.


For more information & questions please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 323 934 8332