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with Mas Vidal

and special guest teachers

~ Hong Kong: June 4th - 10th (Completed)

~ Ojai, Ca: June 17th - 23rd 2015 (Completed) 

~ Tulum, Mexico: Oct 19th - 25th

Experience Mas Vidals complete certification intensive and asana enhancement series. This seven-day training combines the best of yoga asana as per the Paramahansa Yogananda lineage of Bengali Yoga masters, including Bishnu Gosh and Buddha Bose. It covers the classic 32 sacred postures described in the Hatha Yoga scriptures as well as other asana's that are part of the 84 mystical postures codified by Yogananda. This practicum breaks down each posture to provide insight into alignment according to Ayurvedic principles, therapeutic value on the anatomy and physiology and the historical and spiritual intentions of each position. Mas's teachings also provide rarely taught forms of pranayama techniques that can be integrated into dynamic asana combinations to transcend the senses. One of the central themes to Mas's teachings is the transcendental experience of Kumbhaka (suspension of prana), to purify the senses and make direct contact with the sublime qualities of your Soul.

This deep immersion provides students an opportunity to study with Mas Vidal and experience his over 20 years of deep study, research and insight on the deeper perspectives of using asana beyond the fitness forms of yoga that we see today. Commercially, Yoga is known from an external perspective and is rarely understood from its higher inner-intentions and how it can be used as a powerful tool for spiritual advancement and therapeutic healing.

This intensive serves to fine-tune the “student” into the role of a Yoga & Ayurveda Hatha Yoga teacher and it is a great opportunity for enhancing your sadhana (practice), enjoying great sangha (community) and priceless moments in the beauty of the Ojai Valley.



•  Hours of personal daily practice for physical conditioning and mental discipline.
•   Asana alignment, therapeutic value and spiritual purpose.
•   The art of adjustments.
•   Breath-work integration
•   Seasonal modifications
•   Practice teaching others
•   Dialogue
•   Meditation, visualization and prayer
•   Certification given: Hatha Yoga Teacher (YAT) 50 Hours

(The training integrates the main principles of Ayurveda into a holistic approach to practice).


~ Completion of the Dancing Shiva 200 Hour Yoga & Ayurveda program 

~ Completion of any 200 Hour Teacher Training Program

~ Minimum 1 year of Asana-Hatha Yoga experience.




~ Hong Kong: June 4th - 10th (Completed)

~ Ojai, Ca: May 18th - 24th 2015 (Completed)

~ Tulum, Mexico: Oct 19th - 25th 



TWO PAYMENT OPTIONS (The second payment will charge on the same day of the following month)

DETAILS: The intensive includes accommodations and meals) Travel is not provided.

TIME: 9am – 6pm

REQUIREMENTS: Participants are required to stay on site of the training. 

If you are interested please let us know as this helps us get an idea of how many people will be attending.

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