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Dancing Shiva's 2016

Advanced Integrative Certification Modules

with Mas Vidal & special guests



Namaskar and welcome to the advanced certification modules that integrate Yoga (asana & pranayama) and Ayurveda (principles & therapies) and practical factors of vedic astrology. These mystical modules are both certification trainings for those expanding their role as a teacher/healer and also serve as a transformative gatherings to enhance personal spiritual development. Each module provides a deeper exploration into the yoga and ayurveda teachings for those who are currently enrolled in the 200 hour program offered at Dancing Shiva or any other certification completed through another school or institution.  On the Ayurvedic side an understanding of the fundamental principles are necessary to apply to this program. The advanced program modules provides a comprehensive understanding of how both sciences are integrated into a dynamic and profound energy based model for healing. Each module strongly adheres to the practice of using the yoga-ayurveda unified system in a balanced relationship between therapeutics and spirituality. It essentially emphasizes an ayurvedic or therapeutic approach to the classical Raja Yoga model. As a “Yoga Therapy”, or integral approach to healing the mind, body and soul, each module weaves in the science of Tri-dosha (vata, pitta & kapha) and is applied to the various limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga Sutras.

The course manuals are based in part on the teachings of Pandit David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri) as adapted by Mas Vidal. The course also introduces broader aspects of both sciences to allow the student to explore the deeper dimensions of their own spiritual quest. It strongly emphasizes a practical approach to learning and encourages deep study done independently as part of an expanding sadhana.



A Special 100 Hour Yoga & Ayurveda Training

Healing the Body-Mind



MODULE ONE: Healing The Body Feb 17th - 21st 2016/ Ojai, California


This comprehensive module presents an integrative healing model that bridges practical yoga asana and pranayama, hands on ayurvedic therapies that includes uses of oils and herbs along with understanding the role of the birth chart for insight into the dosha type and correcting physical imbalances. This dynamic 4 day immersion explores the practice of yoga postures as a therapeutic tool, combined with ancient ayurvedic acupressure therapy (marma) and breath techniques (pranayama), chakra healing therapies into a hybrid integral system of ayurvedic therapies. All components of this module provide a profound opportunity for healing and restoration through yoga along with the ayurvedic science of tri-dosha. Learn and practice yoga postures for inner healing and treating various diseases and disorders and how different medicinal oils can be used for healing. Learn how to manage pain and work through injuries. It is a transformational healing and educational experience. The fifty hours includes lectures, hands on application, reading material and some tele-conferencing sessions. Upon completion of the program requirements students receive advanced certification 50 credit hours.

Lecture Topics include:

~ Asana For the Body Structure: Applying postures for scoliosis (spinal curvature), lumbago (lumbar spinal issues), kyphosis (hunch-back), injury, trauma, recovering for surgery and ayurvedic body type limitations.

~ Learning the Art of Ayurvedic Oil Massage: A hands on review and practicum of the methods of this ancient healing treatment.

~ Ayurvedic Treatments Combined with Asana for Healing: Warm herbal oil massage, use of herbs and steam and various pastes for treating muscular and skeletal issues.

~ The Role Of the Breath in Yoga Therapy: How can the many forms of pranayama be applied according to Ayurvedic principles for addressing various disorders of the body.

~ Deciphering the Astrological Birth (Natal) Chart: What are the clues in the chart that tell us about body, its shape, weight and function. What signs are given in vedic astrology to determine the dosha type (prakriti), identifying imbalances and remedial measures.


MODULE TWO: The Mystical Mind Feb 22nd - 26th 2016/ Ojai, California

This module combines many yogic exercises along with ayurvedic principles and therapeutic secrets to heal the mind. We will practice various techniques of healing the mind by cultivating the power of attention through pranayama, sanskrit mantra (bijas, suktas and shakti mantras) and meditation as well as integrating various ayurvedic remedies relative to specific mental conditions. In a broader perspective the branches of Bhakti (devotion) and Jnana (knowledge) yoga are studied as spiritual and psychological indicators and the main paths for healing the mind. Along with the psychology of space, environment and the principles of intake (Ahara) and output (Vihara) to create an enduring therapeutic affect. The aim is to understand the nature of disease and mental in-harmony in order to create the proper prescriptions to heal and live in balance. The fifty hours includes lectures, hands on application, reading material and some tele-conferencing sessions after the program is completed. Upon completion of the program requirements students receive advanced certification 50 credit hours. This intensive training integrates a complete and balanced Vedic lifestyle experience. Including emphasis on daily routines and seasonal guidelines as well as deep daily yoga practice.

Lecture Topics include:

~ Mantra, Sanskrit, Forms of Vedantic Meditation, Ayurveda & The Mind, Ayurvedic Therapies for Healing The Mind, Prana Therapy For Balanced Vayu, Agni & Soma Of The Mind, Developing the Power of Attention (Dharana), Healing The Mind with Bhakti (kirtan), rituals and prayer.


Basic points & details:

~ Attendees have option of attending module one or two.

~ Pre-requisites: 200 Hour Yoga Certification or Certified Ayurvedic Counselors or Practitioners   

~ This is the ideal program for those interested in applying ayurvedic principles into a yoga therapy model.

~ Good for those wanting to energy based teaching based on the principles of the natural elements (Tri-Dosha).

~ Note: Students will receive 50 Hours of Certification In Yoga & Ayurveda for each module. These unique trainings are not limited to yoga teachings but also include a vast amount of ayurvedic knowledge and integration and practical application of various treatments, oils and dietary principles.

~ $108 *Dancing Shiva 200 Hour graduates will receive a credit for ayurvedic treatments during the program or a refund.

For any additional questions email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



REGISTRATION FEE:_______________________$125 (One time & non-refundable)

DEPOSIT___________________________________$500 (Non- Refundable)


FULL PROGRAM PAYMENT________________$1,750  (For Both Modules 1 & 2 (Includes Ayurvedic Meals & Accomodations)


ONE MODULE ONLY____________$1,008   (Total Fee for One Module Only)


2016 Dates for Module Three to be announced soon.


MODULE THREE:  Sacred Soul Journey 

In this module the intrinsic relationship between the body and mind are expanded into the highest level of healing and intention. We integrate the underlying philosophical principles and the major themes of both yogic and ayurvedic texts, the role of karma, astrology and tantric and Vedic fire rituals for greater soul realization. Through deeper exploration of the anatomy of the spirit (chakras, kohsas and chitta) the most subtle form of healing will be experienced. In the broader sense the three cosmic powers, the doshas and the realms of existence are studied as pathways to reaching the spiritual heart. This module represents the culmination of the body-mind and soul relationship for fulfilling mans eternal quest of self-realization. The fifty hours includes lectures, hands on practice, reading material and some tele-conferencing sessions. Upon completion of the program requirements students receive advanced certification 50 credit hours.







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